Freak’n Fun Fundraiser

We survived. All 24 parents who braved the zombie-infested Run For Your Freak’n Life crossed the finish line alive and muddy. Thank you to the courageous parents who took part in the fun fundraiser, and to Spookers for supporting our school bus.

Here is the ‘before shot’ of our group. Clean, dry and none the wiser.Groupshort-cropped



Dressed as escaped convicts, we shared laughs and screams in very muddy conditions.

Each parent had a flag belt with four flag ‘lives’. We ran 5km against the clock, tackled 13 course obstacles that got us climbing, crawling and jumping, all the while evading scary zombies who tried to steal our flags. Like ripper rugby only much muddier.

Held at Spookers, the course included parts of the Kingseat grounds, Spookers Freaky Forest, and areas of neglected zombie-infested paddocks, scrub and swamp.

Three of our team placed in the top 10. Shane Spackman came 4th, Greg Ward was 5th and Nicole Fricker 6th. WOW.





Kelly braving the swamp


Marnie and Nicole


Shane demonstrates the kinds of moves that get you fourth place


Mark in the beginning


Tina and friend from elsewhere


Gordon looking fresh and fit


Sally, Jenny and Michelle sliding home


Michelle, Rochelle, Kelly, Paul, Mark, Sally, Jenny and Nick at the finish


Rochelle and Michelle recovering

Lisa, Justin, Mark-cropped

Lisa, Justin and Mark

Michelle, Tina and two visitors from Hawkes Bay.

2 thoughts on “Freak’n Fun Fundraiser

    1. Sally

      I’ve added more photos taken by Angela Vink, Thanks Angela, and thanks to your husband Hayden for running in place of someone else.


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