Code of Conduct

For the safety of all passengers on the bus and our drivers, it is imperative your child knows what is expected of them when riding on the bus and waiting at their bus stop. Please read this Code of Conduct with your child and ensure it is understood.

  • On board the bus, don’t eat, stand, move seats, shout at one another or throw objects.
  • Bags should be kept at your feet, not in the aisle. Sports balls must be stored in bags, not carried loose.
  • Language on the bus must be acceptable and speak quietly to one another so you do not distract the driver.
  • Always obey the bus driver and bus monitors and follow their requests and directions at all times.
  • Do not engage in any behaviour that could put other passengers, the driver or yourself at risk.
  • For passengers who breach the expected behaviour on the bus, there will be two verbal warnings with a notice home about what has happened, and a third and final warning will be in writing and sent home and the passenger will have a stand down period from using the bus. The bus driver needs to be able to focus on the road and disruptive behaviour makes this difficult.

Parents/Guardians of our Bus Users:

  • Allow at least 20 metres parking distance to enable the bus to pull up curbside and pull out.
  • In the morning the bus will only stop if there are children waiting at their designated bus stop. Make sure your children are visible so the bus driver knows well in advance to stop.
  • Children need to wait quietly at their bus stop and should be supervised by an adult.
  • Children and parents must wait at the bus stop until the bus has departed, before walking away. Passengers and parents are never to cross in front of the bus.
  • For families living across the road from their bus stop, please cross the road with your child in the morning, and in the afternoon please wait at the bus stop so your child does not cross the road alone.
  • The school office manages a bus list to account for children catching the bus home in the afternoon. Advise the school office or bus monitor if your plans change and your child won’t be catching the bus home, otherwise the bus is delayed while staff search for your child.
  • In the unlikely event of the bus breaking down roadside, we will phone parents and transport children in private cars to the Family Christian Centre bus stop on Belgium Road, where they can wait safely to be collected.