Cape Hill & Tuhimata Trial

This week our bus driver Debbie is trialling a new bus route segment in the morning, turning right out of Grace James Rd and along Cape Hill Rd and Tuhimata Rd to school. The trial segment is marked in red on the map below.

Tuhimata Rd map

The Bus Society needs to know how many children would catch the bus on Cape Hill Rd or Tuhimata Rd if this became an option. Please use the form below if you would like the bus to stop on Cape Hill Rd or Tuhimata Rd.

9 thoughts on “Cape Hill & Tuhimata Trial

    1. Sally

      Let me ask Debbie and get back to you. Depends how many new stops along Cape Hill and Tuhimata. Where would you be catching the bus on Tuhimata?
      PS. Thanks for being the first person to post a comment!

  1. Jo Knee

    Hi Sally, Miki is coming home with Debbie in her own vehicle at around 4.10, is there any reason why the bus cant do the same route as in the morning? Or r there plans to?

    1. Sally

      Hi Jo, the bus drops kids off at Anselmi Ridge and along Pukekohe East Rd in the afternoon. These children don’t catch the bus in the morning so the bus instead travels the Tuhimata loop. There is a bus society meeting tomorrow night and I’ll ask about future plans and circle back.

  2. Sally

    Jo, the bus route was discussed at our Bus Society meeting. There are no immediate plans to change the afternoon bus route. There is talk however of a new road being built to connect Anselmi to Grace James. If this goes ahead it might allow for an afternoon loop circuit via Tuhimata.

  3. Julie Tapper

    Hi Sally, we will be moving to a house on Tuhimata Road early April and were hoping to continue using the bus, however I concur with Jo (above) regarding plans for an afternoon bus run along Tuhimata Road. Whilst we are more than happy to financially support the PEPS Bus, it seems unfair that ‘in zone’ children do not have use of the bus both morning and night but still get charged the full annual bus fare. If Tuhimata Road cannot be included in the afternoon bus run could consideration be given to halving the annual bus fees for those affected families?

    1. Sally

      Hi Julie, thanks for your comment and sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Let’s discuss at the Bus Society AGM in March. I’ll let you know the AGM date when confirmed. Would be good if Jo can come along too.

    2. kristen632

      Hi Julie
      The 2014 bus route will be discussed at the Bus Society AGM on 11th March 2014 following receipt of the bus registration forms, so we know where families intending to use the bus plan to catch the bus from. We hope you can attend. The bus fare structure is, and has always been, a single fixed price regardless of usage. We stick to a fixed rate out of fairness for everyone, regardless of where they live, when and how often they use the bus. This works out at $6.50 per week. Many families only use the bus in the mornings or afternoons or once or twice per week. Prior to the morning Tuhimata loop starting, families in between Grace James and Bush Road would just drop their children to either end, doing this would enable you to still utilise the bus in the afternoon. Regarding the bus servicing ‘in zone’ families, we do not travel along every ‘in zone’ road as this would take too long. We plan our bus route on what services the community best, including in and out of zone families.
      Hope this answers your questions and we hope to see you at the AGM
      Kristen Stening

  4. Sally

    Julie, the date for the Bus Society AGM is Tuesday 11 March at school at 7pm There will be a notice about it today sent home with the kids.

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