Jericho Bus Stop Project

Jericho Road families have been hard at work extending their bus stop at each end of the culvert pipe to allow more turning room for our drivers to back in and turn out of the turning bay. The project involved a number of people, many hours, and all materials were donated. Special thanks to:

  • Andrew Tomkins from Lincom Group NZ for assisting and supplying the extra metal
  • Dennis Loxton for supplying the extra pipe
  • Grant van der Vegte for supplying Bobcat, trailer and labour installing it
  • Martin Parahini for getting his spade out to assist

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Well done to the Jericho Rd families. We all need to take responsibility for our respective bus stops to ensure the bus can pull in and out easily and safely. For example, trimming any overhanging branches, allowing at least 20 metres parking distance from the bus stop, and not parking directly opposite the bus stop.