Hop on board the Bus Society

Our school bus is owned and operated by the Pukekohe East School Bus Society, a non-profit organisation run by parent volunteers.

The Bus Society needs more parents to get involved this year and lend a hand where possible. If you rely on the school bus service it’s in your best interests to help keep the bus running.

Bus Society meetings are convened once a school term. Please come along to the next bus society meeting on Monday 15th February at 7pm at Pukekohe East School.

2016 Bus Society General Meetings

Monday 15 February, 7pm at Pukekohe East School
Monday 2 May, 7pm at Pukekohe East School
Monday 25 July, 7pm at Pukekohe East School
Monday 10 October, 7pm at Pukekohe East School 

2 thoughts on “Hop on board the Bus Society

  1. Rebecca Shaw

    Happy to help where I can. I need to set up AP for my boys x2 to start on bus next week. What is price for month and account number please.


    Rebecca Shaw

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Jock

      Thanks Rebecca. We’d love your help. I’ve posted a bus fees notice to the bus blog just now that answers your question. You should get it in your inbox shortly.


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