Valley Road Bus Stop

The section of Valley Road alongside the new Possum Bourne Retirement Village has been developed recently to include a wide footpath and pedestrian island crossing at the new roundabout.

As a result our school bus can stop safely and children can wait safely and cross safely on this 50km/hr stretch of road.

The Bus Society Operational Team has decided to conduct a two week trial of a new stop outside the Possum Bourne Retirement Village (towards the intersection with Belgium Road). This new stop would replace the stop at 53 Valley Road and allow the bus to continue straight along Belgium Road saving time and fuel cost.  If, after the two week trial, the feedback from users of the stop and drivers is positive, the stop will be integrated permanently.

Families using the Valley Road bus stop:
The trial of the new Valley Road bus stop will begin on Monday 16 May. If your children use the Valley Road stop please take the time to familiarise them with the new waiting area and show them how to use the island crossing at the roundabout.

Families using bus stops after Valley Road:
Please be aware that the bus will run a few minutes earlier to your stops from Monday 16 May. If the new stop is adopted permanently, we will adjust the timetable following the trial period.

As with all bus stops, please park sensibly. The bus needs plenty of room to stop and allow children to enter and exit safely. Please be considerate to our bus drivers.