School Bus Route Review for 2017

This term the school bus route is being reviewed by the bus society executive to determine the optimum school bus route for 2017. Click here to view the current school bus route.

Families move in and out of the area throughout the year and the 2017 school bus route will be based on anticipated demand, parent and driver feedback, and distance/cost factors.

A change to the bus timetable can have a large effect on families with work commitments and after school activities. If you depend on the bus, it’s important that you participate in the bus route review process. The four-step consultative review process is as follows:

Bus Route Review Process

1. Feedback Form. All school families are invited to give feedback on the bus route.
Please submit your views on the current bus route using the feedback form sent home today, even if you want the route to remain the same. Please return your feedback form to the school office by 28 October 2016, or you may prefer to complete the form online at

2. Proposed 2017 bus route published (to discuss at Bus Route Review Meeting).
Based on parent feedback and other factors, the bus society executive will circulate to school families its proposed 2017 bus route for open discussion at the Bus Route Review Meeting.

3. Bus Route Review Meeting on 21 November 2016.
The Bus Route Review Meeting is scheduled for Monday 21 November 2016 at 7pm in the Pukekohe East School hall. Anyone can attend; families using the bus, families interested in using the bus, and others in the community.

4. Bus route map finalised and published.
Taking into account the discussion at the Bus Route Review Meeting, the bus society executive will meet to finalise the 2017 bus route. The 2017 bus route map with timetable will be circulated to the school community before the end of Term 4 to take effect the first day of school in 2017. It will remain in place through to the end of the 2017 school year.

We urge all bus families, and families interested in using the bus, to get involved in the bus route review process; the earlier the better using the feedback form, and please attend the Bus Route Review Meeting in November to share your views and hear from others.

2 thoughts on “School Bus Route Review for 2017

  1. Evans

    I am interested seeing the bus continue to service in-zone children and whilst I realise there are more children out of zone using the bus service – which equals more $ for the bus society – I think there are many options to enable Jericho and Golding areas to be more feasible. Pukekohe is set to grow and the school will soon have to reconsider how it prioritises in zone children. For example, Jericho Road has seen 8 new homes develop in the past year. As I am unable to fully participate in the society meetings, but feel compelled to retain the service for our children, I am proposing a charitable donation to pay for the bus service to continue to serve the in-zone children. However, I feel it appropriate for members to see the annual accounts, so that we fully understand the costs of the service, so that as parents and bus society members we can make fully informed, democratic decisions in support of its continuance.

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