Reminder New Bus Route Starting Term 2

A new school bus route will take effect from Monday 5th April, the first day of Term Two. Click here to view the new bus route map and timetable.

The new bus route runs in a figure 8 loop that accommodates all existing bus users and will enable more families to use the bus. Importantly it also addresses bus stop safety concerns that had arisen due to our larger-size bus. The same route will be followed both morning and afternoon.

Thank you to those parents who contributed to the bus route planning via the bus website and registration forms, and special thanks to those parents who participated in the bus route meetings. This new bus route will be used at least through to the end of this year. It will be reviewed in December and we’ll welcome your feedback at that time.

Bus stop times have changed
The bus will be turning left out of school and heading first to the north. This means the majority of bus stop times have changed. Current bus users please refer to the timetable for your new bus stop times. In some cases a bus stop may have moved to the opposite side of the road.

If you are not currently using the school bus please take a look at the new route. You might find the bus is now serving your area and you can avoid the hassle of trying to find a park outside school. To start using the bus please complete the registration form.

Valley Road bus stop has moved. New ‘Town Stop’ with plenty of parking.
The bus will no longer be turning right at the Valley Road dairy. The Valley Road stop is moving to opposite #68 Valley Road for families on foot. In addition there is a new convenient ‘town stop’ at the Family Christian Centre carpark on Belgium Road. It has plenty of parking and a safe area for kids to wait. Thanks to the generosity of the Family Christian Centre for allowing us to use their carpark.

Allow 20 metres at your bus stop
We have a large school bus and it’s important that you allow at least 20 metres parking distance to enable the bus to pull up curbside and pull out. The bus is delayed when parents park too close to the bus stops.

Be visible at your gate
Please make sure your children are visible at your gate in the mornings so the bus driver knows well in advance to stop.

If you have questions about the bus route please email or call me 0212391244.