Child Safety at Bus Stops

Today is Day 2 of the new bus route. Thanks for your cooperation to make it run smoothly. The changes have highlighted the need for better child safety at bus stops.

Wait for the bus to depart before crossing the road
With the new route some bus stops have moved across the road. Some children don’t yet know how to cross the road safely. They must stand well clear of the bus and wait for the bus to depart before crossing the road. We strongly recommend that parents take time this week to show their kids how to wait and cross safely at their bus stop.

Parents are responsible for their child’s safety at the bus stop
Ideally parents should be waiting with their younger children at the bus stop in the morning, and waiting at the bus stop for their children in the afternoon. Some parents are happy for their children to cross the road and walk home alone, and some parents run late to meet the bus. Parents are responsible for their child’s safety at the bus stop.

Grace James Rd bus stop procedure
The Grace James bus stop has moved to the farm side of the road where there is no footpath. A large number of children use this stop. They should wait on the footpath outside 8A in the morning. When the bus stops opposite, the kids are to cross the road behind the bus in single file. In the afternoon the kids need to stand on the grass well clear of the bus and wait for it to depart before crossing to the footpath side.

The School Bus Route Review meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 2nd December 7pm at school. Please mark the date in your calendar. This is your opportunity to give feedback on the bus route for 2015. 

7 thoughts on “Child Safety at Bus Stops

  1. Helena


    We need to rethink valley road opp 68.. It’s way to dangerous and very busy intersection.. !

    What are the other options for people like myself , Michelle’s kids and Sharon’s kids?

    I’m not comfortable with that stop..

    1. Sally

      Hi Helena, thank you for commenting. Let’s sort tomorrow with the affected families and arrive at a solution. The bus could stop further up Valley Road where there is a footpath (near Max Short Rd) but kids will still need to cross the road. Sally

  2. Mel

    Hi there
    I fully agree with Helena… It’s an incredibly dangerous intersection!! With 3 roads coming to one – with one road being 70ks. Moving the stop further up the road will not rectify this problem it’ll just move the problem further up the road.
    Some parents use the bus allowing kids to walk to after school arrangements alone – I’m sorry but these changes are dangerous and we are considering taking our kids off the bus as we are really not happy putting our children in this position.
    Before children were dropped off on the correct side of road and crossings were never an issue and it was safer. Now kids are getting off the bus in grass verges not safe footpaths… With winter looming I can imagine kids getting off the bus to stand in puddles and grass waiting for the bus to leave before able to get out of rain.
    I know a lot of work has gone into these changes but they are not safer for children.

    Sorry but we aren’t happy.

    1. Amanda Rutherford

      Hi, totally agree with Mel and Helena. This is not a safe place for the bus to stop at all. Happy to discuss further if need be. Amanda

    2. Sally

      Hi Mel, thanks for your comment. Yesterday a group of us visited the area including Debbie. We agreed the gravel driveway area of #67 Valley Road is a safe place for the bus to stop if a stop is required along that stretch. The bus can park on the wide gravel verge without blocking the road and kids can wait in the driveway away from the road. For families using this stop it requires children to cross the road. It’s not an easy crossing and a parent must be there to walk them across. Taking on board your concerns, we’ve decided that children can not disembark at #67 Valley Rd if there is no parent at the stop. For kids walking on their own, parents could consider the Twomey Road stop or the Family Christian Centre. Sally

      1. Michelle Fayers

        Hi Sally,
        Apologies for not being in touch earlier, I work the 3 days a week that Harry and Sophie catch the bus home and they walk to their grand parents house which is behind the old Valley Road stop so I am not there to meet them off the bus. I am not happy to hear that the children are crossing a busy road which is between two busy intersections. If the children have to walk then in my opinion they should be walking along a footpath, therefore as far as I am concerned the Belguim Road stop would not be an option for my children. Is there an option for the bus to continue onto Valley Road and stop opposite the old Valley Road stop? I realise this is an extra 1km on the route but I feel it would be much safer and we would all be devastated if there was an accident with one of our children.

  3. Sally

    Sorry Michelle, changing the route is not an option. At the bus route meetings the parents requested there be no further changes once the route was decided. There will be a bus review meeting 2 Dec 7pm at school for parents to have their say on the bus route for 2015. Is it possible for you to visit the bus stops? I could meet you there and show you the three options. My # is 021 239 1244. We could meet tomorrow after school? I would be OK with my kids walking from the Family Christian Centre but I appreciate others have different viewpoints and kids are different. If none of the stops will work for you, we will refund your bus fees pro rata.

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