Hopping Good Time on School Bus

The Easter Bunny was sighted today driving the school bus and the lucky children on board have Easter goodie bags to prove it.

The Easter-themed bus ride was 100% Gail’s doing. Gail decorated the bus, made the goodie bags (hours of her own time) and donned bunny ears for the kids’ enjoyment.

Gail, a BIG THANKS from the Bus Society. Thank you for treating our kids to a very special fun bus ride. They had a hopping good time!


Easter Bunny Gail behind the wheel


Delighted kids on board the Easter school bus.

5 thoughts on “Hopping Good Time on School Bus

  1. jennymwalter

    Gail you are amazing! My kids were SO excited hopping (literally) off the bus this afternoon. They said the Easter bunny was on board (funnily, they didn’t say that it was you – good disguise!). Thanks so much Gail – even eggs for Tom – they were over the moon!

  2. Tania van der Vegte

    Yes thank you Gail the girls were so excited and high on sugar! when I picked them up 🙂 They haven’t stopped talking about it.

  3. Mel Haynes

    How awesome Gail!! Rylee was so excited to show/tell me about all the cool easter things you did for the kids xxx

  4. tewhaanau

    Am ever so grateful for the School Bus service which, not only provides that extra care but – extends to entertain & ensure the spirit of community is enjoyed by All. The kids arrived home with more than enough to share, which they did wholeheartedly! Thank You & Blessings for a Happy & Safe Easter & Holiday!

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