$2,500 Raised for the School Bus

The bus society’s hypnotist evening raised $2,500 for the Pukekohe East School Bus.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to the parents who provided baking.

Special thanks to the Reynolds family for their catering assistance, the Newman family for donating the TrailLite motorhome holiday for auction, and the Utatao, Ellery and Ansell families for gifting raffle prizes.

… and a VERY BIG thank you to Gail Schofield for organising the fun event.

2 thoughts on “$2,500 Raised for the School Bus

  1. Merillees Nicholls

    Congratulations to the organisers of this fund raiser. You were resilient and persistent in getting it to happen. A special thanks to the families who supported this event. We are the most fortunate school to have parents running a school bus and all that it entails.

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